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What is the Bulone island?

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Koh Bulone or Bulone islands is a group of the islands that are under look after Petra national islands park; there are 8 islands in the group – Bulone Le island, Bulone Don island, Bulone Bamboo island, Tong Ku Island, Mala island, Ar Ya island and Bird Nest island.

The word “Bulone” means Bamboo. The people call Bulone because the island's area is covered by bamboo trees .

Bulone island is far from “Parkbara pier” (In Satun province) about 22 Kilometers.

Bulone island is an island of white sand, clear water to see underwater coral. And is known as the new pearl of Andaman Sea (The old pearl is Phuket island)

There are so many beautiful snorkeling points around the island such as Are-Yam island and White Rock island. On the beach of Bulone island will be the range of pine trees along the beach. On the beach will be a great point to see the sunset as well.

The nice beach bay on bulone;

Na-Kae Bay beach;
Na-Kae Bay Beach; this beach is located on the east of the island; the sand on the beach is very white. The lower slope of the beach can make it great for swimming on the beach. The shadow of the pine trees along the beach make me feel cooler. This beach will be great for camping, tenting.

Muang Bay beach;
Muang Bay Beach is located on the west of the Island. This beach will be full of rocks and cliffs, there is just a small beach on the bay. The water is quiet and very good for snorkeling.

Phang-Ga Bay beach;
This beach is located on the west of the Island. This beach is a large stone beach. And it is a strange beautiful point for sunset viewing  too.

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