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What is the Lipe Island?

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Lipe Island (Koh Lipe) is one of many island of Tarutao islands group National Park. The Tarutao National park is located in the southern boundary of Thailand. And it is a sub-island group in the main island group called Aredang-Ravi Mani islands group.

The Lipe island is is located on the west side of Tarutoa island and far from Parkbara pier (In the Satun Province, Thailand) about 62 Kilometers:
It is far from Tarutoa island 45 Kilomenters
It is far from Parkbara pier about 62 Kilometers
It is very near from Koh Adang-Ravi (good place for snorkeling)

The longest of Lipe island is from the north to the south as just 3 Kilometers. Even Lipe island is the one of islands National Park, the almost all of land plots has been belonging of the people (Not government.) The people on the island is the islanders which have been living here since last 100 years. So the government has no any power over the right of land.

So, there are some resorts and hotel those are the private. But the arrangement about the clean, save and nice looking area will be the duty of the government (Tarutoaw island National Park office.)

The beaches of Lipe island:

Chow-Ley beach or Sea-Gyep Sea beach
This beach is located on the front of Lipe island; it is on the North of the island. The beach is along a few hundred meters. Over the beach will be covered by the coconuts trees garden. There are the houses of fisherman surrounding. The Sunrise on this beach is the landmark point of the island that you must see (The most beautiful.)

There are some nice resort and bungalows for overnice on the beach.

Pattaya beach
This beach is located on the west of the island. There is a walkway from the front of the beach to Pattaya beach. The beach is look like a half-circle curve; it is real white sandy beach. In the afternoon, it is a most beautiful point of sunset which you must see as well.

Next from the beach range, there are many nice resorts in bungalow styles those good for over nice service. In the side of the beach is a rocky area, look very nice and beautiful. The Pattaya Beach on Lipe island is a very popular of the tourist for having dinner; there are the restaurants which served dinner on the beach table. And some bars with a great music. Moreover, there are some snorkeling shop rent all gears for snorkeling and diving.

Lipe island is the center of Tourism around Tarutoa islands group natinal park which consist with 51 beautiful small islands. And from Lipe island, the tourist can visit every small island by the Lipe is the center of overnight.

Lipe Island means paper island, because of the area of Lipe island is flat and very easy to walk from the place to the other place.

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