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Small sea or Lotus & Birds Giant lake or Thale Noi in Thai
What is Thale-Noi?

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Thale Noi is the large water lake…very large (17,500 Rai or 7,000 Square Acres) So, someone call "The Fresh Water Sea" means Tale Noi in Thai. This sea is connected the ocean, so it will be mixed between sault and fresh water.

The Thale Noi is located in Patthalung, a province of Thailand’s Southern. It is far from Patthalung town about 32 Kilometers by the main road number 4048.

This small sea has been declared to be “Strict animal hunting area protection” since 18th February 1975, by this declaring the animals in the area has been saved from the hunters. The local people called the place that “the birds national park small sea” (Because of There are a million birds in the sea.)

This Bird National Park is the important Wetlands of the World. The park covers 285,625 Rais or 114,250 Square Acres Area. The wetland is consisted both safari land and sea land. This piece of land comes to be most important nature and the normal people life studying tourism.

The value of Tourism; Tha-le noi has a very beautiful view (sea, lotus and birds are mixed.) The tourist can touch the nature very closely and see a strange million birds and trees those unseen in the other area of the world.

The best time to discover Thale Noi?
It starts from early morning (Sunrise Time) until 11:00 AM daily.

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